brand your own brilliance

“we work so we can live. we don’t live so we can work.” ~ Aristotellis (zoubouridis, natasa’s dad)

Let’s be real with each other. We have jobs because we need to support ourselves, loved ones and whatever lifestyle we want to lead. Yet, we trade time for money and money for time and still end up with neither.  

At Brand Your Own Brilliance we believe in working smarter not harder. We want to help you build a business that works for you, so can live a powerful life you love. It’s time to start turning value and skill into profit and time, and have prospects flock to you. 

As a digital branding, marketing and video production company we teach you how to effectively brand yourself online, gain a profitable customer base, and time leverage your life so you can focus on what’s important to you. 

There are plenty of wonderful digital marketing and video production companies out there, but none will focus on your well-being before your numbers. Take coaching, branding and beautifully crafted content that exceeds your expectations from people who have put in the work and deliver results with kindness and compassion.

We take the time to educate you on how and why things work the way they do. Why it’s important to invest in yourself and wellbeing before delving fully into a project. This isn’t a large corporation with 6,000 clients and 12,000 employees. We’re a determined and talented women ran company whose sole goal is to help you bRAND your own brilliance!

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Natasa Zoubouridis,

Video & Content Producer

Natasa is a video producer with 10 years of experience in promotional marketing videos, comedy, and TV. Fresh off her most recent project as producer of WGN-TV’s “Man of the People with Pat Tomasulo”, Natasa began her career creating promo videos for charities, being fortunate to work with such clients as Camp One Step, The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and Best Buddies. Her first video for Camp One Step doubled their donations the first year and tripled them the second. She is passionate about laughter, loving large and wielding results to help others live a powerful and enjoyable life.


Paulina Pansczcyk, Social Media Marketing coach

Paulina is a branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs and home-based business owners successfully launch an online presence that will allow them to attract high-quality prospects via social media. With more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce selling over $1 million worth of product, Paulina specializes in lead generation, niche marketing, social media branding, and system automation. What sets her apart from the rest: mindset. “Anyone can give you the blueprints on how to build a business, but if you aren’t motivated and feeding your personal growth you won’t succeed.”